Solar power plants

A PV system is only as strong as the used components. That is why we rely on our powerful brand luxra.


In the last years Lunaco has planned many plants, installed and put into operation.
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German engineering is still a global seal of quality and clear processes.


We won’t let you fish in troubled waters – with our glossary we will explain you everything about photovoltaics.

Who we are

Lunaco provides you throughout Germany with first-class quality products in the field of photovoltaics.

With alliances we are expanding our high quality portfolio and offer together with our own brand Luxra and the supplementary products from leading manufacturers our customers and Lunaco partner businesses a reliable and sustainable product around the topic of energy.

For this purpose, we support you with a round-the-clock service from the perfect system design to profitability forecast.

Our Luxra products achieve the highest quality standards and offer long-term planning security.

The advantages of photovoltaics (PV)

The current development in europe clearly shows that PV systems are going to be an important source of energy in the future. The ever-increasing demand for energy in the world puts solar energy increasingly to the fore.
We are convinced that PV systems will soon be an indispensable source of energy, which can meet the demand for energy, especially in times of peak demand.

Significant reduction of CO2-emissions

Sun as the inexhaustible source of energy

Conservation of fossil fuels such as oil and coal

True yields can be achieved

No financing risk as in shares

PV systems are usually maintenance

PV systems doesn’t produces noise pollution

PV systems are completely harmless