The Lunaco GmbH

The Lunaco GmbH is a subsidiary from the Luxra AG in Switzerland and was founded 2007.

Our focus is on building sustainable solar power plants incl. After-sales service (maintenance, repairs and monitoring). In this connection the Lunaco GmbH is always for the benefit of our customers, employees and the environment.

We have specialized us in the implementation of major projects on rooftops and open spaces for public institutions and private investors. Our most valuable asset is our employees which transform our accumulated know-how and the experience from many years into power. Therefore we support a Work-Life-Balance and see ourselves as a family-friendly company. Supporting the families of our employees is very important to us, which allows us to establish a positive identification of our employees with the Lunaco GmbH.
Togheter as a team the Lunaca Europe GmbH has already planned a large number of systems, implemented and maintained to this day.

As a customer of Lunaco GmbH you can rely on efficient and performance-oriented implementations. But we also try hard to transport our sustainable philosophy, above our promise. About new developments and improving opportunities of your PV systems we will inform you without request.

The Lunaco GmbH sees itself towards the increasing demands in the planning, implementation and management of systems to produce renewable energy, both on the legal and on the economic side, through well-planned and effectively implemented projects, in a very good position in demanding PV market.

Project developments, implementations and support characterize the Lunaco GmbH.